Silver Gelatin Tools

Gelatin Art Tools – 3D Jelly Cake Tools 10pcs/set #1 to #15

Please kindly note that syringe does not come with the tool set.

Presenting 3D gelatin art tools are sets of 10 pieces in a progression of 1 to15 sets. Each has an exceptional outline of 3D blooms. These are immaculate 3D gelatin art tools to astonish your companions and accomplices in a birthday, commemoration, wedding occasions, Thanksgiving, Christmas and so on… You can flaunt your aptitudes in making 3D jello cake with blooms inside.

These 3D gelatin workmanship apparatuses will allow you to put your creative and inventive stamp on every 3D cake you make!

Our gathering have 13 sets, and each set has 10 pics Art tolls  of different sizes, shapes and outlines so you can make your own particular one of a kind plans FASTER and EASIER than any time in recent memory. These apparatuses should be fitted with a syringe that is measured 20ml, 30ml.

Every tools is made out of 100% stainless steel, is extremely steady and secure, and is painstakingly created for individual wellbeing and also alright for nourishment grade usage. They won’t twist, break separated or rust and dissimilar to the opposition, we just utilize smooth and consistent welding. You can expect slight changes in shading because of presentation to water, yet this is totally ordinary.

To do the delightful blossom art cake with diverse compositions, designs and shapes, you need Gelatin Art Tools. Our exceptional apparatuses have 13 sets, each set has 10 needles and each needle has distinctive size, shape and outline. Our uncommon devices make of stainless steel with a wide range of size, pleasant shape and lightweight material will help you.

How to make clear Gracilaria Jelly Power 3D Gelatin Art Jelly Power (10gx5)

Specification:  10g packets/ box                               

The jelly powder which is extracted from natural seaweed, is imported from INDONESIA.

It is made from pure seaweed that contains necessary minerals and nutrilites for healthy.

It is specialize used in making the “Kelp-Coconut Dessert”.

In addition, it can be used to make daily desserts such as:  kinds of jelly, meat and vegetable jelly, and “Che Khuc Bach” desserts…


Nguyen Long Powdered jelly  (No.1): 10grs (1 packet).

Fresh coconut milk: 3 liters approx 8 Xiem coconuts.

Castor sugar (or sugar plum): 200grs.

Ground Copra: 400grs, squeezed for the first extract of pasty consistency, or use 01 pack (50grs) of Nguyen Long powdered 1th Extract of coconut.

Way of Processing

Mixing 10grs of jelly powder with 200grs sugar and mingling regularly (for avoiding to be dried up in dumps).

Boiling 3 liters of coconut milk, pouring the mixed compound slowly into the boiling coconut milk, stirring regularly until the compound dissolves completely (about 5 – 10 minutes).

Pouring the dissolved compound in 8 coconuts.

Retaining a little compound in the container, pouring the 1st extract of coconut in, regularly mingling and boiling for using as the face layer of kelp.

For freezing it after 01 hour, very good to use.

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Gelatin Art Tools – 3D Jelly Cake Tools 5pcs/set #1 to #15

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 1

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 2

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 3

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 4

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 5

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 6

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 7

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 8

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 9

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 10

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 11

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 12

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 13

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 14

5pcs 1500x1500 Set 15Available

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