Gelatin Art Tools - 3D Jelly Cake Tools High Quality (Size 2) 4pcs

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New release Gelatin Art Tools – 3D Jelly Cake Tools 4 pcs/set #2 100% stainless steel 

FREE 3D Jelly Cake and Gelatin Formula recipes.

Each tool is created out of 100% stainless steel, is very stable and secure, and is carefully crafted for personal safety as well as safe for food grade utilization.

Please kindly note that syringe does not come with the tool set.

Gelatin Art Tools That’ll Help You Create Amazingly Beautiful and Delicious 3D Cakes That Friends and Family Will Love!

Introducing 3D gelatin art tools are sets of 3-5 pieces in a series of 1-30 sets.  Each has a unique design of 3D flowers. These are perfect tools to surprise your friends and partners in a birthday, anniversary, wedding events, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc… You can show off your skills in making 3D jello cake with flowers inside.

These tools will allow you to put your artistic and creative stamp on every 3D cake you create!

Our collection have 30 sets, and every set has 3-5 tools of various sizes, shapes and designs so you can create your own unique designs FASTER and EASIER than ever before. These tools will need to be fitted with a syringe that is sized 20ml, 30ml.

Each tool is created out of 100% stainless steel, is very stable and secure, and is carefully crafted for personal safety as well as safe for food grade utilization. They won’t bend, break apart or rust and unlike the competition, we only use smooth and seamless welding. You can expect slight changes in color due to exposure to water, but this is completely normal.

We have just introduced to readers with the beautiful images of agar jelly cake 3D. However, many people want to know how to make the cake  with many such lively images. Very simple, you just owned the 3D gracilaria jelly mold trimming is entirely possible to create 3d cake for their own jelly cake.

We would like to send to you the recipes to make jelly cake stunning 3D.

Tools for trimming 3D gracilaria jelly – Having a dedicated kit for making 3D gracilaria jelly, includes a dedicated glass bowl, spoon dedicated to forming types, pump color, scoop.

However, for beginners, just need to prepare a transparent round glass bowl, spoon circle, depends on  the first shape to form the petals, 5cc syringes and fruit pruning knives.

Ingredients needed: flour gracilaria gelatin, water, sugar, food coloring, vanilla or suitable flavoring foodstuffs.

How to make 3D gracilaria jelly:

Step 1: Make transparent substrate gelatin cake. In order to make a standard substrate cake, if you want to do much more or to do big cake substrate, you apply the following rates for processing.

Recipe: 4 water, 1 sugar, citric acid and 2.5 dough 1 gelatin. Citric acid is necessary to make jelly mixture becomes transparent, not opaque to highlight 3D inside.

Use 3 tablespoons of water: pour 1 tablespoon of sugar dissolved in boiling, then pulled out. Then you pour remaining tablespoon of water, 2.5 tablespoons flour dissolved gelatin in the microwave for rotation within 10-15 seconds until the powder of gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour the mixture into the sugar water is still warm, for about 5 minutes for the mixture to cool, add 1 tablespoon of citric acid, stirring. You can pour 1 tube of  vanilla to flavor if you want. Let it cool for about 5 minutes, then you give a clear glass bowl. Place in refrigerator overnight.

Step 2: Mix color

The way to do is similar to make  the substrate cakes. After pouring citric acid in, fill with food color or fruit juice concentrates to dissolve into color standard. You should tinge darker to highlight color. You should be a darker tinge to the popular color for easy to jelly. Mixed colors should be individually colored in the bowl / vial and soak in a bowl of warm water to avoid being frozen jelly to create 3D.

Step 3: Create 3D

For beginners: using a spoon and syringe injection creates petal color from the center to  around the bowl. Details how to create 3D flowers, please see the clip after just one time, you can easily figure out how to do.

Note: When the needle or spatula, do not prick the bottom of  bowl. When using a round scoop ice cream scoop to form the center circle bowl of jelly, not discarded parts that leave fossil, after 3D imaging is done, put together to create the same flat surface.

Should prepare a water bottle to keep warm, dissolve gelatin jelly sticking to tools. Using absorbent paper after the fill times to not blur into the other petals. After creating the 3D is done, if you want more prominent flowers you can lined with a contrasting color in the bottom of flowers.



Shipping Weight: 1 ounces

4 pieces in a set  come in each package. (4 pcs/set  #2)

Stored in air conditioned facility and ready to ship.



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